The Design and Development in Logictree IT includes all the steps involved from conception of the desired software and platform to the final manifestation of the software in a planned and structured process for both Web and Mobile Platforms.

With our strong skillsets in requirement analysis, estimations, project management and readily available technical manpower, we have developed a reputation of delivering Applications - on time and within the budgets.

Logictree IT helps organizations adapt to rapid technological advances and benefit from evolving models of application architecture by offering expertise in emerging specialized areas such as:

Software testing is the process of validating and verifying that a software product meets the requirements as expected and can be implemented with the same characteristics. At Logictree IT we believe to ensure quality, it is not only necessary to rectify bugs but also essential to locate the root cause for the occurrences. We examine the code and execute it in various environments and conditions to deliver near almost bug free end products.

Testing Engineers at Logictree IT are equipped with extensive experience to handle both manual testing using test plans/test cases and automated testing using tools. We understand the need for various testing cycles and that has helped us deliver quality products.

Logictree IT solutions Inc. is built on the principles of providing dependable services and innovative solutions. Our services range from daily maintenance of your network to managing projects in designing and integrating software to creating websites customized to your business. We provide support on demand in the following ways




Logictree IT published Seaside PD App to Iphone, Android and Windows phone platforms.

LogicTree IT publishes iPhone and Android conference Apps for BioFest 2012. Please check...

Case Studies


Airguide Publications is a 50yr old company that has set the standard in providing quality airport and supplementary data that general aviation pilots have come to depend on.

The client wanted an iPad Version of their flight guides...

Clients Speak


"Logictree IT Solutions Inc. showed enormous dedication and knowledge during the lifecycle of a difficult project. I was able to rely on the quality of their deliveries which meant I could devote more of my time to other activities. Their teams are also accomplished innovators in resolving some..."